CC is a reconfigured, repackaged and slickly marketed set of K12 education standards currently infecting the Math and English Arts curriculum. It is not new! CC is a National Standard; one that both our National and State governments have coerced us into accepting through national and state programs and through grant money (our tax dollars at work). The next to infect our kids are the Social Sciences and History curriculum that are already being implemented in a small number of classrooms.


Back in 2010, Wisconsin’s State Superintendent of the Department Public Instruction signed a document that committed WI to accept CC as a “recommended” standard. The document signed was an application for a waiver for the famous Bush program called No Child Left Behind. If the waiver was accepted by the Department of Education, it would have benefitted WI financially. The signing occurred conveniently when the state legislature was not in session, had no standing education committees convening and was not even given a heads-up on what was being signed. The governor was also kept in the dark because if he was informed, the commitment could face public and media scrutiny. And because of the way our state constitution is written, the SSDPI has almost complete authority to educate our kids from age 4 to 20 and therefore SSDPI could then get away with this maneuver despite potential legal challenges.


Because of the slick marketing plan and also with the creativity of Wisconsin’s Department of Public Instruction, DPI is using grant money to financially benefit school districts that commit to CC. Of course part of the slick marketing plan includes a “common” set of standards that, should districts accept, would give their districts the advantage of being compared easily to other CC districts at the same time because all are using the same set of standards and the same set of tests at all grade levels. This provides an advantage they would receive over all types of alternative schools (at least temporarily) including the choice schools. However, even the Washington State Democrat Party has recently passed a resolution opposing CC.


A benchmark of international standards: CC was conceived over many years in various forms and most recently introduced as Common Core State Standards. CC was supported and marketed by the Gates Foundation with a total grant of about $300M. Bill Gates knew if he could conceive of a plan that appealed to both the right and the left, had the appearance of improving K12 education standards, market it as a one stop shop for all standards and claim having every student tested at the same time and with the same tests, he’d have a winner (not us) and he and his partners could profit hugely at the same time by selling more computers, more software and more “aligned” textbooks and lesson plans.

Written by forward-thinking Educators: CC was not authored by educators but by bureaucrats. The only two educators who were on the final standards committee refused to sign the document. Again the people who put forth CC were doing it to make money, not because they had a better idea to educate our most precious future, our most vulnerable and impressionable; our kids!


Join WINNER. Become part of Wisconsin’s leading organization dedicated to non-partisan education reform. WINNER is reaching out to all ethnic communities to insure all kids have equal access to a quality education. When Wisconsin K12 kids are excited to learn and challenged to achieve, they will graduate ready for college or employment. Wisconsin can and will do better than Common Core standards. The future of Federal Government control of our educational system will continue to erode local control, turn teachers into facilitators, make administrators jobs easier and make local school boards irrelevant