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Don Pridemore

President /Ceo

Born in Milwaukee on October 20, 1946 but at age 3, the family moved to Brookfield to follow his dad’s new startup plumbing business. He graduated from Milwaukee Lutheran High School in 1964. At 19 and feeling very patriotic during the height of the Vietnam War, he joined the US Air Force, served 4 years on bases in Mississippi, California and Thailand as an Electronic Warfare technician. He received the Vietnam Service Metal in 1968. After an honorable discharge from active duty, Don used his military technical training to land a research job at Johnson Controls and used the GI Bill to attend Marquette U graduating in 1977 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronics Engineering.

Don married in 1985 and had 3 boys. After 16 years at Johnson Controls and 18 at Badger Meter and receiving 4 patents in electronics design, he decided to embark on a major career change and campaigned for the 99th State Assembly seat. After winning a close primary election against a 16 year incumbent, Don took office in January, 2005.

Don was a past president of the Hartford Area Taxpayers Association (HATA) and also served as an Assistant Scoutmaster and Merit Badge Councilor for Troop 795 and 741 and with his family, a member of Redeemer Lutheran Church in Hartford.

Don is a member of the American Legion, the Veterans of Foreign Wars and belonged to the NRA. A strong supporter of volunteerism, he believes everyone should get involved in something to benefit the community. Volunteerism also discourages government from extending its bureaucratic hand more deeply into the taxpayers pockets (all 4 of them). Don was also a charter member of the Greater Hartford Optimists Club. Don is currently a member and amateur chili judge in ABATE and is also a member of Hartford Senior Friends. During Don’s professional engineering career, he was a member of the IEEE and served as the state director of Wisconsin Citizens for Legal Reform. As a legislator, he served on every education committee that was available and also ran for the office of State Superintendent of Public Instruction in 2013.

After 10 years of service in the Wisconsin legislature, Don retired in January of this year. After 3 months of retirement, he started a non-partisan, 501.C3 pending educational group called WINNER (WI Needs Necessary Education Reform). Don is working full time as an unpaid volunteer for the group that is dedicated to bringing common sense and character back into K12 education while working with the grass roots as well as reforming the highest levels of education leadership.

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Tina G

Director of Event Coordination

Tina G is a passionate and patriotic American that loves and cherishes her freedoms and liberties. She desires that all our children and grandchildren have the same liberties to cherish for future generations in this great and exceptional country. In the true spirit of America’s Founding Fathers she is more concerned about future generations and the encroachment of Federal and State Government agencies into the formerly constitutionally protected areas of local control like our school boards and how they have been coerced and pressured into the accepting programs like Common Core National Standards and all the tentacles attached to it. Tentacles like politically correct lesson plans, fuzzy math, smarter balanced assessments and ever expanding requirements are just a sample of what is coming from our own State Department of Public Education.

Tina believes we should be teaching our young children about our US and Wisconsin Constitutions and how they put restrictions on Governments instead of seeking government solutions and programs as an “End All Beat All” rather than as a last resort. She believes we should be promoting learning the history of the founding of our Great Nation, how unique it was in World History and how it allowed its people freedom to create an exceptional nation all based on the freedoms our forefathers fought and died for and our current generation continues to do. If we continue to keep our children ignorant of our true American history we will allow Government to grow even bigger and more restrictive. We will essentially grow into a country that our forefathers fled from many generations ago.

Tina is blessed with promotional skills and uses social media to educate and inform Americans to action. Her networking was built over many years of common sense activism that are vast and responsive. She has found the perfect mechanism to reach her goals of preserving local control of our schools by accepting the role of Events Coordinator.

Tina has served in many local and state campaigns and volunteered to help national organizations, by using her vocal talents, her commitment to God and believing in volunteerism. Tina G is committed to this calling and is keeping a promise to her grandchildren. She believes no American child should be without the opportunity to obtain or receive the best possible education.

Tina has been greatly blessed with 4 children whom have been homeschooled or sent to private schools. She is also doubly blessed with 2 grandsons.

Tina loves and honors all that served in the Armed Forces from our Founding Fathers to our service men and women over seas today. She has never served in the military but has a passion to keep our America free for our next and future generations.

Karen Schroeder


Karen Schroeder is the President of Advocates for Academic Freedom (AAF) which supports a return to fact-based curricula, accountability, and academic excellence in public education. Karen is a gubernatorial appointee to the Wisconsin Educational Communications Board.

She provides seminars designed to inform and motivate citizens to reclaim their responsibility to become involved in the decisions made at the local and state levels of the educational system. Karen is frequently interviewed by Wisconsin radio personalities including Vicki McKenna. As an education consultant, Ms. Schroeder provides seminars and campaign training programs to political candidates.

With a BA degree in education and a Master’s Degree in Special Education, Ms. Schroeder has taught in suburban public schools for thirty-six years. During that time, Karen negotiated contracts for teachers. She also became a free-lance writer to provide citizens with information revealing the impact of social and political policies on the educational system. Her articles are published in the EAGnews, Daily Caller, U. S. Journal, and numerous other newspapers across the United States.

Among other projects, AAF donates conservative current-events materials to libraries of public schools.

Karen can be reached at or by calling 715-234-5072.


Anne marie Michalak



Tim Michalak

Vice President