Below are the available speakers from WINNERWI. To have any of these speakers speak at an event, please contact them directly, or contact us where noted. If you need immediate assistance or have any questions about our available speakers, please contact us here.

Nancy Kormanik

Brookfield, WI
Email: NancyKormanik@WINNERwi.com

Church, Richard

Friendship, WI
Email: Contact Us for contact info

Kirsten Lombard

Email: Contact Us for contact info

Based in Madison, Wisconsin, Kirsten Lombard has served as a volunteer grassroots organizer for the past six years. In that capacity, she has focused her efforts primarily on state policy matters that bear on individual, civil, and constitutional liberties. For the past three years, she has engaged almost exclusively in the fight to expose and eliminate false education reforms such as the Common Core State Standards and high-stakes assessments.

In early 2013, Kirsten established Resounding Books, a publishing company dedicated to establishing productive dialogue and common ground on issues that bridge political and ideological divides. The company also aims, ultimately, to put a percentage of its revenues back into state and local activism projects related to the topics on which it publishes.

In November 2014, Resounding Books published its first book, Common Ground on Common Core: Voices from across the Political Spectrum Expose the Reality of the Common Core State Standards, for which Kirsten served as editor. Entirely unique in a growing market of books on the subject, the volume is a collection of essays by many of the top education experts and activists. The essays are well-researched, compelling, and often provocative, while remaining non-partisan in approach. The volume has garnered enthusiastic praise from reviewers, politicians, researchers, and activists alike and includes a thoughtful foreword by former Congressman Ron Paul.

Kirsten holds a Ph.D. in historic environmental design (Univ. of Wisconsin, 2009) and a B.A. in psychology (Univ. of Minnesota,1988).