“Replacing Common Core with Proven Standards of Excellence”

David V. Anderson, Ph.D.

This booklet was copy written and published in 2014 by The Heartland Institute. The author’s opinions can be summarized as follows:

Common Core (CC) Standards are incomplete and eroding the nation’s K-12 content standards. Common Core is a failed system, both legally and academically. The CC standards are unwise in the sense that reading and mathematics standards are significantly weaker than what many states had used previously. They are also illegal in the sense that the US Department of Education under Arne Duncan, has used the “old carrot and stick approach” using federal tax dollars and the threat of losing federal grant money to states that don’t commit to CC.

The ACT (American College Testing) has not yet been corrupted by CC. But what was not mentioned in the booklet was the fact that David Coleman, the chief bureaucrat behind CC was hired by The College Board in 2012 to oversee the rewrite of the SAT test to become CC compliant.

The booklet does contain many good reference notes by other respective educators.

Homeschool Resource Roadmap

The “Homeschool Resource Roadmap” is a database listing curriculum and other educational resources. Though designed primarily for homeschooling parents, it is available to other parents and to school boards looking for non-common core resources. The Common Core Project is free, but for a more detailed description about specific material, there is a one-time charge of $4.99 to access the Subject Area Project, which is well worth the cost.

Tina Hollenbeck, Creator